Carport Carpentry – Few people interested in woodworking have the luxury of their own woodworking shop. So most of us do our work in shared spaces. One frequently shared space for carpentry is one’s carport or garage – hence, the phrase “Carport Carpentry”.

Dimensional Carpentry is the hobby of woodworking with dimensional lumber. It is a great way create beautiful pieces of furniture under a carport – what I call “Carport Carpentry”!

Dimensional lumber (those standard-sized boards you can purchase from any lumber yard and nearly every home improvement store) is the most common form of commercially available wood used by beginning woodworkers. The standard sizes of dimensional lumber make home-built carpentry projects fairly easy – even for first-time woodworkers!

Like all woodworking, Dimensional Carpentry projects will usually require each of the Six Activities of Woodworking: Designing, Measuring, Marking, Cutting, Joining, and Finishing.

What can one create when doing Dimensional Carpentry? I am glad you asked! The possibilities are endless!

Below are a few projects I have completed in my carport using dimensional lumber, working with basic hand and power tools, right outside my back door (after I move the car into the driveway).

Charlotte’s Changing Table

Partially finished top pieces of a changing table brought indoors from a round of “carport carpentry” with dimensional lumber.
Changing table frame awaiting drawers
Upper corner of Changing Table
Right-side cabinet door
Left side cabinet diaper pail slide
Full view of Charlotte’s Changing Table

Charlotte’s Pink Bookcase

This one is small enough that a single photo suffices.

Charlotte’s Pink Bookcase was a one-day project I built on my daughter and son-in-law’s back patio a few days before she was born.