care for a Child and you care for Jesus

Spend time with an infant and you cannot help but wonder, “why did God become a baby?” I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving week with my 11 month old grand daughter. She is such a delightful baby! Caring for her on my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding anniversary, I was overwhelmed by how absolutely vulnerable a baby is. Babies cannot protect themselves. They cannot obtain their own food. They cannot change their own diapers. They cannot bathe themselves. How …

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the home of God is with man

We all have moments which sparkle in our experience of life. These incredible events, impossible to forget, overwhelm us with sheer joy.

You pop the question and she says, “Yes!” You’re named Employee of the Year. Your dad says, “I love you,” and you know without doubt he means it.

finally! a personal blog!

Welcome. I have blogged for years, but never for myself.  Now I will. You may or may not appreciate all you read here.  You may often disagree with me. That’s good. Occasionally, I want to write something that will not fit neatly into one of the other blogs I maintain.  I will put that material here. Do not expect a theme, and regarding frequency, it will be hit or miss.  From theology to child welfare, from …

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